June 6, 2014

Neon Is The New Black

Here we are, Summer 2014 has arrived (well not really, just about 14 more days left for it to officially commence but in my mind - ya comenzo! *insert creepy smiley face here* lol) and it looks like neon colors are still going to be on trend just like last summer 2013. I own a few neon heels but these Stradivarius ones are honestly my favorite! I remember coming across them on Pinterest and immediately went on a hunt to find them. Stradivarius is a women's apparel brand based in Spain. They're owned by Inditex Group which also owns Zara. I searched for these heels so much after finding out on their website that they don't ship to the U.S.! Bummer! They have over 800 stores worldwide in 50 countries including 2 stores in the homeland Dominican Republic (whoop! whoop!) but no stores in the U.S. I find that to be so interesting, the fact that they don't have any stores in the U.S and don't ship either - perhaps it's  because Zara sells similar merchandise? Maybe. I don't see why they don't open one here! I wish they did because I'm obsessed with their stuff! So, after searching and searching (thanks to Google gods) I found them on ebay by a seller from Portugal! Bought them for $75 and was a happy camper. 

Have A #HappyWeekend! Hoy se bebe!


  1. I'm loving the semi high waist jeans it just accentuates in the right places without cutting your shape. Love how you rock neon, I so need to add a piece to my wardrobe before this summer flashes us by again!

  2. Love your style. It's amazing.


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