March 28, 2014

OOTD: Negro y Rosado

Hii worldddd! Here's a quick #OOTD. Wore this look on sunday for church and brunch :) 

ps. It looks like a camel toe but it isn't lmao promise. >_< 

March 15, 2014


This was a quick casual #OOTD. I layered this crop top sweater over this circle dress, gray boots and top it off with this leather jacket for a comfy day out in the city. 
Peace & Love <3
Wearing my NYC Chic necklace from CheriTrendy's new Gold & Silver City Chic Collection. Obsessed!

March 7, 2014

25th Birthday! Outfit Dos - Cotton Candy

 Birthday girl! 3/2/14. When I envisioned this outfit in my head, I didn't think it would be so bright, springy and cotton candy looking but I ended up loving it! I'm a huge fan of color blocking. I for sure stood out! Not only was it a cloudy day but snow showers were also expected. I didn't really mind the weather conditions and said "F* it, it's my birthday and I'm wearing what I want!" LOL. I went to the Sugar Factory in the Meat Packing District for brunch. Stuffed my face then headed to a bar for some more drinks! I definitely enjoyed my birthday to the fullest. Let's do it all over again next year. :) 

25th Birthday! Outfit Uno - Glam

March 2, 2014 was the big day! Happy birthday to me! :) You only turn 25 once...and 26, 27, 28, 29 etc etc. It's a cliche saying but 25 is special since it's exactly a quarter century old! Just to think that in 75 more years I'll be 100 is quite awesome lol. Changing topic real quick -  I'm not sure if you've notice but I'm not the type to be super personal on my blog and usually don't go into details about my everyday life because honestly I like to keep that a bit private. I believe one's blog is more exciting and intriguing when you DON'T know EVERYTHING about that person, it's refreshing to leave a little something for the imagination, don't you agree? But today I'm going to make an exception and share with you the happenings of my birthday celebration and a little wisdom. So every year, since I can remember, I've always been excited about celebrating my birthday, but this year it was different, I didn't want to. I was going through some personal issues (you can call it mid-life crisis) and didn't really want to celebrate my birthday at all. My mother and one of my close friends motivated me in doing so. My mom told me that there was no reason to not celebrate one's birthday - all birthdays should be celebrated. It's a celebration of life and how great it is to be living, breathing, being. It's a way to thank God for allowing you to live all those years he has allowed you to live. Life itself is a gift and we shouldn't take it for granted. So many people aren't fortunate enough to make it this far in life and I had to be thankful. 
My birthday was 3 days away when (after long talks with my mom and friend) I finally decided to plan something. It seemed like God had spoken to me while I slept because one sunny morning I woke up and suddenly felt very blessed and at peace with myself. God sent me the sign that I needed to celebrate these wonderful 25 years of living. With only 2 days away, I quickly rushed to make cake arrangements and venue reservations. I haven't had a cake since my 8th or 9th birthday (that's another story) but for some reason all of a sudden I wanted one for my 25th. The theme for the cake was inspired by one of my favorite movies, The Great Gatsby. I went with a "glamorous" gold and black theme but didn't dwell on the 1920's fashion much. I literally drew exactly how I wanted the cake to look on paper, took it to a Dominican bakery in Washington Heights (NYC) and luckily they were able to make it and have it ready in just 2 days. It was delicious! - as all Dominican cakes are! For the venue reservation I had to buy the "birthday" package ($380) in order for me to reserve a table. The birthday package included 3 bottles of liquor 1 champagne and a free hookah. There was no way my friends and I were going to drink that much liquor in just one night so I ended up taking two of the bottles home. I was able to set up everything without any commotion, smoothly and calmly. I have to admit that my heart felt a little empty once the night hit because my dad wasn't able to make it to the celebration but I'm glad my mom and three close friends were able to attend given such a short notice. We partied the night away and enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.
I just want to say that I'm nowhere near where I ultimately want to be in life but very far from where I was a couple of years back. I'm so content with the person I'm becoming. I am strong, smart, ambitious and consider myself a good person at heart. I'm so eager and cant wait to see what the future holds for me. So much has happened in my life and whether positive or negative, I truly feel very blessed. I'm a firm believer that everything in life happens for a reason (although sometimes I wish I knew what that reason is). We should appreciate the little things in life a little more. Nothing in life lasts forever. Nothing is set in stone. Forever's not promised. We should make every day count. Tell the ones you love, you love them more often, as many times in the day as you possibly can. Explore more. Go on more adventures. Be happy with yourself. Smile more. Laugh more. Do what you enjoy doing more. Love more. Don't give up. God has a plan for you, be patient, have faith and believe. 

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