December 20, 2013

Floppy Hat Lovin'

 My serious "posing" face always makes me look like I'm mad lol I can't do it. I'll stick to smiling. 
Top: Local Store // Vest: 3 years old - Strawberry // Pants: Local Store // Booties: Forever21 // Hat: Love Culture

Let me begin by stating the obvious - it was love at first sight! I love this floppy hat so much that I had to get it in two colors! (Such a girl, I tell ya.)  I didn't have in mind to take outfit pics today but then I thought to myself, why the heck not, this hat is super cute not to be featured in a post lol. Estoy hablando en serio, soy media loca por si no se han dado cuenta lol. It's funny how I bought this faux fur vest 4 years ago when I was a sophomore at F.I.T - on my lunch break -  and  it hadn't seen the light of day until today! Dead serious. 

Enjoy your friday beautiful people! I'll have a few Cosmos on your name. ;-)


  1. Great look ! Love your hat! <3

  2. Nice outfit! I have a black hat just like this one.


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