December 5, 2013

Cheri From The Block #OOTD

Oh, look - a penny! lol Can't leave the looking down "blogger" pose. 
Cheri From The Block! Hollaaaaaa!!! (With the hoop earrings and everythang)  lol lol After getting dressed I started reminiscing about the late 90's fashions and of course J.Lo's album "On The 6", oh how nostalgic! Fashion has evolved so much since then but without a doubt some trends definitely have made a comeback. Timbs? Can we say TBT? They're a classic, can't argue about that! My advice is to remember to always put your own spin on it. ;-)

In honor of #tbt here's J.Lo's Video "Jenny From The Block". 
Brings back so many memories, right!!? 

Enjoy your day

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