December 12, 2013

A winter's day - Teal & Minty

Tis' the season for shorts! I mean thigh highs sorry. lol In my world, it's ok to wear shorts in the winter so as long as you wear them with tights, of course (mine are sheer) AND boots - booties, knee highs, or thigh highs will do. It's currently 26 degrees today and clearly I'm not expressing how freaking cold it actually was whilst taking these pictures. All for the sake of ... well you know lol. Can we talk about how my curly hair makes me look like a 7 year old!? Now I know what to do when I hit my 50's. 

Recreate this look!
Topshop, Lands' End, Michael Antonio, Athleta

Enjoy this cold winter day! In shorts maybe? lol


  1. Que bonito el color del abrigo, es precioso! Y las botas son geniales.

    Te queda muy bien el pelo así

    Besos guapa! :)

  2. Beautiful coat!

  3. qué guapa, me encanta el abrigo, tiene un color precioso, te queda genial!



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