November 5, 2013

OOTD: Gold Armor

I realized that I often find myself shopping in the same 3-4 stores for everything. But my true love lies for small boutiques that are not that well known and are hidden in a valley, so to speak. You find treasures! I tell you. Isn't it a great feeling knowing that you own an exclusive item which 20,000 other people (say, for example; a blouse from forever21) don't also have - AND you didn't break the bank for it!? Admit it, you love it. I truly, deeply like the idea of limited production and quantities. There this boutique in my neighborhood called Dor L' Dor (I believe they have other locations in New York City as well but unfortunately they don't have an e-com site) that I find myself going to all the time. There isn't a day that I walk in that I don't purchase something trendy and spot on my taste level (like these combat boots - $51.00). The buyers from that boutique have a keen eye for trends and what's going to appeal to masses (or to a few). That's what I love about buyers and merchandisers - they know you're gonna love it even months before it goes into actual production. 

Have a lovely day my darlings!


  1. Me encanta esa cazadora!! Tiene un color precioso :)


  2. These boots are beautiful! Love them with this outfit!

    Kate from Clear the Way
    (currently running a Concrete Necklace giveaway, if you are interested)

  3. Really cool boots love the gold details.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  4. Girl, I love your black dress :)



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