October 2, 2013

Tomboy - Plaid & Oxfords

I honestly think this is as close as I'll go to looking like a tomboy. I don't even know how I actually went ahead and wore this outfit out because I'm such a girly girl it's kind of ridiculous. Can you believe I scored these oxford shoes for only $12!? I've had this American Eagle plaid top since forever. It was given to me at one of my internships. It was used to draw inspiration for the upcoming fall season's plaid color schemes (mind you that was back in 2011). I know! I tend to keep things for a long time, especially if it was given to me. Forward 2 years later and guess what, plaid is back! Don't you just love how fashion trends revolve?

Happy Hump Day! :) 


  1. Lovely shirt! Great blog, i'm following you on GFC, really hope you'll follow back! xx


  2. Hello Cheri,
    You have an incredible fashion statement.
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  3. Your shirt is perfect but the shoes are totally amazing. Perfect combo


  4. Cool outfit, love the shoes! I keep things too from like 3 years ago and find they can still be trendy now! :)


  5. I love this, so fresh in the eyes. And, I just noticed your new layout it's so neat and nice Cheri! I added you on my gfc list, catch me too on Smize with Style.


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xox, Cheri

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