September 30, 2013

Royal Me Azul

I'm gonna make this my signature pose. lol Such a "blogger" pose. 
I am such a camera whore. I blame it on my mother! lol When I was a baby/ little girl she had a photographer friend and would take me every weekend for photo shoots at his place - just for the heck of it. So yeah, there you have it - the reason why I like taking so many goddamn pictures lol. It's nice to look back at older photos of yourself and see how much you've grown not only physically but in all aspects. This outfit I wore last night to go visit a close friend of mine(and then we decided to go out for drinks! spur of the moment adventures are so much fun!) Her mom made me sancocho! She's the best! I'm such a foodie - I served myself three times! It was oh so good! I WILL FOREVER ADORE DOMINICAN FOOD! Dios mio! Pue si, besides ox-blood / burgundy, this fall I'm also obsessed with royal blue. I just realized how many stuff I have in my closet that are royal blue! Neon yellow who?

You see what I'm talking about here? :-) Mom dressed me up as a gypsy! :) Adorbss


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