September 9, 2013

New York Fashion Week - Day 4 - Little White Dress

First and foremost, I want to say that no matter what the circumstance is we must always try our bestest to always stay true to ourselves. We must not let others dictate what we should say, feel, think or --- wear. Yes, I understand - inspiration and IMITATION is the sincerest form of flattery - BUT when done RIGHT. I am without a doubt a lover of (certain) trends but that doesn't mean I have to wear an outfit and make a post about it just to "fit in" in the "fashion blogging" world --- and that trend doesn't go with my particular style at all - ie: the jackets/blazers over shoulders trend (ridiculous actually). (I know that was a run on sentence but I had to get my point across.)  I'm seeing it a lot lately - bloggers that started out with their unique style and are now getting famous and are completely morphing into something they're not and conforming to wearing what is "expected" of them in the higher end fashion blogging world. It saddens me!. Where has your individuality gone!? What makes YOU stand out from the ordinary!? I think that no matter how far I go, as fashion blogging is concern - I will always stay true to myself, style and what I like to wear. You might disagree with me and that's ok, we're all entitled to our opinion but I refuse to "fit in". 
A-line dresses are my favorite silhouette of dresses. The a-line style is classic, simple, hugs the waist and creates a slimmer waistline, is fitted at the bust and bodice and then flows out to the ground forming a capital A shape. Just like the LBD, every woman should own a cute LWD, says Cheri.  :) 

These are all perfect!


  1. Love your bag! cute outfit!

  2. So pretty !
    Yes, I agree a lot of people fall in to the blogger world and lose who they are. Originality
    is best. Btw. I love A-line dress too.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  3. you look so pretty! love the sandals.
    I was wondering why your posts weren't showing up on my reading list.. i had to unfollow and follow again. i hate when blogger does that!

    and yes, it is sad. I always enjoy seeing a blogger with their own style vs. the hundreds of bloggers who dress EXACTLY the same or think that they need to dress that way to get big. Where's the fun in that?!

  4. Soooo True...very well said....... fyi....te robo esa cartera a purse freak...Love love love ... anyways lol looking good girl



  5. Love the look Cheri! Hope ur having a terrific Monday!

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  7. I cannot believe I am just discovering your blog. I absolutely love this look and the bag is everything ;-)

  8. Lovely outfit!!
    This bag is amazing


  9. Nice outfit !
    Smile make u cute:*

    Wold u like to follow each other?


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