September 30, 2013

Royal Me Azul

I'm gonna make this my signature pose. lol Such a "blogger" pose. 
I am such a camera whore. I blame it on my mother! lol When I was a baby/ little girl she had a photographer friend and would take me every weekend for photo shoots at his place - just for the heck of it. So yeah, there you have it - the reason why I like taking so many goddamn pictures lol. It's nice to look back at older photos of yourself and see how much you've grown not only physically but in all aspects. This outfit I wore last night to go visit a close friend of mine(and then we decided to go out for drinks! spur of the moment adventures are so much fun!) Her mom made me sancocho! She's the best! I'm such a foodie - I served myself three times! It was oh so good! I WILL FOREVER ADORE DOMINICAN FOOD! Dios mio! Pue si, besides ox-blood / burgundy, this fall I'm also obsessed with royal blue. I just realized how many stuff I have in my closet that are royal blue! Neon yellow who?

You see what I'm talking about here? :-) Mom dressed me up as a gypsy! :) Adorbss


September 27, 2013

Camo Circle Skirt and Olive Green Combat Boots

Audrey Top: Dr. Jays (Similar: here) // Jacket: Local Store (Similar: here) // Skirt: Mandee (Similar: here) // Combat boots: Square One (Similar: here) // Watch: Iken 
Like a lot of clothing in my closet (because I must admit I'm a clothing hoarder and I often forget pieces that I buy! smh) this skirt was hiding from me between some summer booty shorts! Clearly she didn't want me to wear her! lol. Ok, that was corny. Any who, it still had the tag on (which is how I  know where it's from since I barely remember where I get most of my stuff from because quite honestly - I shop too much and it's hard for me to keep track). Big shout out to the bloggers who remember where they buy EVERYTHING from. I admire you. Anyways, I paired it with one of my favorite tees of Audrey Hepburn (love her!), my favorite tall combat boots from last year, this cool circle camo skirt and a denim jacket for a casual/trendy look. 

Big thank you to Yara at Iken Watches for sending me this ubber cool and dope watch! What's so awesome and interesting about these watches is that you can choose your own color combination for each individual piece. The pieces can be arranged multiple ways to create different color combinations! They're very easy to put together, no hassle whatsoever. I like it so much that I'll be ordering different color pieces to coordinate with future outfits. I think these serve great as gifts too! 
Some combinations I came up with. The possibilities are endless, I'm telling you. :) 

Enjoy your weekend! 

September 25, 2013

Neon Statements of Olivia Steele

The beauty of art is that it can be interpreted many different ways. London based, american artist Olivia Steel - a "conceptual neon artist", uses shiny neon lights to convey witty, ironic, and ordinary messages through iconic and contrasting images. On the gallery walls or on the streets, Olivia always brings a fresh approach that amazes, awakes, and captivates. She is without a doubt a true visionary. I find her art to be quite cool, impressive and rather unique. She killed it with the one that says "Wish you were here" - sick! Let there be light! 
"Quite Frankly My Dear I don't Give A Damn" 

Hah, perfect. 

September 24, 2013

Oxblood , Stripes and Khaki

I don't know if you've noticed but when it comes to makeup, I like it to keep it "simple". Like every girl on the planet, I own a lot of makeup but for some odd reason I always seem to go for the neutral look. And I personally like it that way because I'm crazy with bold and in-your-face lipstick colors so it kinda balances out! Love me a bold lip. I felt super fall-ish with this outfit's color scheme! Can't go wrong with oxblood (my new color obsession by the way, expect to see it all fall long!)  brown, and khaki

In #Fashion News...
Rag & Bone And Hunter Rainboot Collaboration Has Us Wishing For Rain
-Huffington Post
"In a match made in fashion heaven, designer brand Rag & Bone and popular boot company Hunter have collaborated to create an exclusive Fall/Winter women's boot collection. The boots come in two styles: "Hunter Rag & Bone tall" ($295) is a knee-length style boot, while "Hunter Rag & Bone short" ($265) boasts a motorcycle cut. Both styles come in fall colors such as burgundy, black, navy and army green."

"Hunter may be a quintessential British brand but we also always see so many women on the streets of Manhattan wearing their boots. Not only is this testament to the brand’s global appeal, it resonated with us as we are British guys living in New York. We are really excited about this collaboration."

"The boots are currently available for pre-order at Rag & Bone's online store and will be sold in Rag & Bones stores on September 9th. You would usually never find us thinking this, but... we're actually hoping for some rain this fall."


By now you must know I'm looking at that tall oxblood one! :)

Have a wonderful day!

September 23, 2013

Street Chic - w/ Leather & Plaid/Check Print

Usually on fridays I like to wear heels - almost always. It's friday! C'mon. But, this past friday I opted not to - don't worry I always carry a pair of heels in my car trunk - ya' know, just in case! lol Siempre lista para la rumba! This outfit revolved around the leggings (I put similar ones below because these are no longer available). I immediately thought about wearing my all american chucks - which were patiently waiting for me to wear them for the past month or so since I bought them! (Shame!) Then, I chose the faux leather jacket and denim vest for a Street Chic look! This outfit was super comfy! Loved it.

I've put this collage together so you can recreate this look!
(Click on any item to view details)

PS. I'm having my first giveaway (2 beautiful necklaces!) from my online store Check out CheriTrendy's Instagram @CheriTrendy for details on how to enter!

Happy Monday my darlings

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