July 11, 2013

Circle Dress Stylin'

Smile, it's cheap medicine. :)
Peace & Love // Paz y Amor 
I was asked how would I describe my style and quite frankly, I don't even know lol Seriously. But I'll try. I can honestly say that I'm extremely open to wearing just about anything and putting my own flair to it. But don't we all, eh? I just feel like there are people that you can easily distinguish their sense of individuality and uniqueness with their own personal straight forward - jeans & a t-shirt style. But I can't define my style being just one way or one form. It's all over the place. If that makes any sense at all!   Just put it this way, I'll surprise you. Expect to see me wearing anything and everything. 

TGIF! Enjoy your weekend! 

July 9, 2013

Live a Little

Promise that my lack of posts is for a good reason!  Really hoping that I'll be back to posting more often and be more consistent with the content on this blog after my trip to Cancun, Mexico! Expect lotsssssss of photos when I return!! I've been working on re-designing my store's logo and website layout and it's coming out amazing! Super excited about all the new jewelry & accessories that will be up for sale in the next coming weeks. A complete new look is also in the works for CTS! :) Stay tuned! 
Ps: I wanted to say thank you to all of those who visit my blog on a regular, my daily hits are increasing exponentially. It truly means a lot to me. Although sometimes I don't reply and visit your page/blog or social media sites, I do in fact read all of your comments! You're all awesome. Thank You! 

July 2, 2013

#NJLatinaBloggers Meet & Greet

This past Saturday I attended the NJ Latina Bloggers Summer Meet & Greet. Glad to say that I am now part of this great community group of Latina Bloggers founded and created by Alicia from Chica-Fashion.com. The event was held at Mickey's Bar & Grill Restaurant in Lyndhurst, NJ. The outdoor patio was a pleasant touch. From the moment that I walked in, I knew it was going to be an enjoyable and lovely afternoon. And it was! Once we were settled in with our delicious drinks, we jumped right into conversing and getting to know each other. I enjoyed everything from the laughter, to the pasta & salad, to the chocolate cupcakes with Nutella spread, to the delicious lemonade and of course the fun picture taking. It was great getting to know other Latinas that share the same passion as you. So looking forward to the next meet up! 
With the fierce and awesome Alicia from Chica-Fashion.com 
With Alicia and the oh so sweet Melissa :) Truly lives up to her nick name "Sweet" seriously. :) 
With lovely Yesenia & Fabulous makeup pro Julisa
Arm Party!
With cool & down to earth Paola
With charming Vanessa and funny & witty Lee  
Swag Bag goodies! Thanks to our sponsors, Covergirl, Beautiful Textures, Lovely Beauty Box, BrushLove & Ouidad!

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