June 20, 2013

How To: Floral print on Floral print

I wasn't going to post the below picture up because well...it's obvious as you can see but then I said...heck you know what, my god given blessings aren't even "fully" showing but this is a great example of a #FemaleWithBraCupSizeDD struggle - THE UNBUTTONING OF BUTTON DOWN SHIRTS BECAUSE YOUR BOOBIES NEVER FIT. Others, might view this struggle as a blessing, AND so should I. (Insert sarcasm here) 
This outfit I wore 3 days ago! Jesus! It's becoming harder and harder to blog. If people only knew it's not as simple and easy as it might seem. From the waking up, to selecting ensemble, to makeup, to accessorizing, to photo shooting, to choosing the pics worth posting, to resizing them, to actually writing the post. Phew* Trust me, it takes time. But, it's all for a purpose (MY hobby). I enjoy doing this and (getting off topic)... I can careless about the stereo types that are out there about "Fashion Bloggers"...That we're materialistic, that we're not smart because all we do is take pictures of ourselves and post them for others to opinionate, that we're self-centered, conceited, egotistic,  narcissistic etc, etc. Bullshit, ALL BULLSHIT. I know this shit is not rocket science and anyone can be a blogger but the person who writes those articles bashing and badmouthing fashion bloggers are probably sitting behind a computer - hating their life, insecure, self loathing, feeling envious, selfless, depressed, sad and self-concious that they're not as capable as we are. Whatev's. 

Below are similar items to re-create this outfit! Check these out. 

Enjoy the rest of your day my darlings.


  1. you look gorgeous darling :) I really much love this combo..lovely

  2. Oh dear you're right is bullshit!! Nobody know how hard it is!!...Great look ...Have a lovely day!!

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  3. AnonymousJune 21, 2013

    I never think to put two floral prints together but it looks great!

    The Blonde Squad

  4. lovin the floral on floral. such a pretty skirt xx

  5. I love how you mixed those prints! So, so, so pretty!

  6. Soooooooooooo gorgeous! I love this!


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