May 31, 2013

Saturday Night Out - Belt or No Belt?

It is currently 90 degrees in New York City! Need I say more? Let's get to the outfit deets! lol So as I got dressed I wasn't sure if to wear this Necessary Clothing aztec print dress with this gold plate belt or not. And after only thinking about it for about 3.5 mins, I decided to go with it. I felt like there was too much going on but heck, at least it accentuated my waist! And if you're wondering why my hair is curly or better yet "wavy" (since it no longer gets curly due to the blow drying and heat) is because I opted not to go to the hair salon this week as I usually do. Fact: I strongly dislike doing my own hair unless is flat ironing it! Which I enjoy. 

In #Fashion news...
Lights, Fashion, Action!
"Fashion and film have long intertwined, though never in the context of a women-centric festival and conference mash-up – until now. The inaugural Women and Fashion Filmfest, titled Lights, Fashion, Action! will kick off June 8 in New York City. In an effort to build a more cohesive community among the media and fashion industries, threaded by the common cause of women’s roles within them, this occasion will serve as multi-event platform including panel discussions, film screenings and a Q&A. Among the many industry luminaries who will contribute, Patricia Fields will serve as a panelist in the discussion, Women and the Business of Fashion and Stuart Weitzman’s short film series Walking After Midnight, directed by James Franco, will be screened. FIT students are also invited to submit fashion-related short films, of which a select 4-5 will be screened at the festival."

The event will take place on June 8-9 at Scandinavia House on 58 Park Avenue, New York. -Source: Stylesight
Have a wonderful weekend! :)

May 23, 2013

OOTD: Ripped

All up in yo' face, close up. :-P
I love it when the sun is shinning and hits your face giving you that "glow".  This weather is starting to feel like summer. And guess what, I'm not complaining! I just need to stop wearing jeans and pants and take out the booty shorts and flowy dresses any time now!  
Have a nice day darlings! :)

May 21, 2013

Casually Casual - Two Outfits In One

Casual Monday

Casual Saturday

I'm not the type to wear flats that often but lately I've been drifting towards wearing flats [almost] everyday. As weird as it may sound, flats for me are sometimes more uncomfortable than heels since my feet are so used to heels.

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Buenas Noches! 

May 20, 2013

Biker Red & Floral Print

Confession: Red is my least favorite color (in clothing - that is). Although it may not seem like it, I put this outfit together fairly quickly. You know when you spot certain pieces in your closet like, one, two, three? Bam, bam, BAM! Well yea, it was that type of day. The best part of the day though was going to a buffet with family and stuffing my face!! :-P 
Outfit Idea Comes Alive!!!

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New NYX Goodies! Loving the butter glosses and the curve eyeliner! Gives you the perfect winged liner. 
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Have a wonderful day! 

May 17, 2013

Purple Chiffon & Pink Heels

Chiffon Top: American Apparel // Belt: Boutique // Bag: Boutique // 
Leggings: Boutique // Rings: c/o // Necklace: // Shoes: GoJane 
You know what's funny? That the color combo of this outfit was inspired by the colors on my nails that I  painted the night before. I immediately thought "I need to wear something pink tomorrow!" such a girl, I tell ya'. Can I just say that I am utterly obsessed with strappy minimalist heel sandals? But they are as uncomfortable as walking on needles! Yeah. Sucks. But it's the truth! Thank God public transportation is non existent in my life anymore, *phew*. I'm so used to getting blisters from constantly wearing painful heels that it's no biggie for me anymore, I've kinda become a shoe masochist haha if that makes any sense! lol 
“Dana Blair designs creates all of it’s jewelry with the ideas of individuality, lightness and distinction as its main focus. Each piece is created for functionality, with each individual wearer in mind. Like the human spirit, stones are permeable. Each stone brings out those spaces in the spirit that have been drained and help enhance what is naturally within.” –
I am more than thankful for these amazing stone rings that Dana from sent me. Being a lover of jewelry, especially rings, I was too excited to have received them. I love the quality and craftsmanship of these rings. The fact that they were all handmade make them even more especial. I can’t choose which one is my favorite but the rich sultry color of the Dark Amethyst Stone Ring is too gorgeous! I also love the wire wrapping and how cool and eccentric makes the ring look! Although they may look like they're heavy, they're actually pretty lightweight. At you can also buy lovely handmade necklaces, bracelets and earrings all handmade with precious stones.  

Enjoy your weekend! 

May 5, 2013

Definition of Simple - My Way

Pardon me darlings for going over 4 days without posting! Yes, that's a lot in the blogging world - equivalent to about 4 years more or less lol. In all honesty though I'm taking this fashion blogging endeavor as a hobby (just for the fun of it) but let me tell you, it ain't that easy breezy to keep up! Phew* You have to dedicate a lot of your "free" time to create a worthy post. My free time is valuable! I'm going to try my hardest to post at least three to four outfit posts per week. 
This sweater is so comfy. And I love the detailing on the elbows with the gold and black sequins - makes it look so edgy. The fact that it's high low is perfect as I don't have to wear the leggings as pants haha (which I normally can't stand because of crotch issues yeah about that...I'm a latina...that's all I'm going to say!) Oh and these sandals? I seriously want to buy them in every other color! Check them out at  
Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! 

May 1, 2013

Neon Everywhere, Everywhere Neon

 Crop Top: American Apparel // Crop Jacket: Local Store // Harem Pants: Tribeca // 
Bag: Forever21 // Jewelry: // Shoes: C Label
As you might already know, I'm obsessed with neon. I'm looking forward to wearing these neon cap toe see through pumps soon again. They're not the most comfortable shoes but compared to other pointy/narrow pumps that I own, they're not the end of the world. I love how feminine and classy they make you feel. These would also look great with a pair of jeans and graphic t-shirt for a casual look. 
Como ya ustedes saben, estoy obsesionada con los colores fluorecentes. No puedo esperar a ponerme estos zapatos denuevo. La verdad es que no son tan comodos pero comparados a otros zapatos que tengo en este estilo similar, no son tan incomodos. Me facina lo clasica y femenina que uno se siente con ellos puestos.   Estos zapatos tambien se pueden poner con jeans y una t-shirt para un look mas casual. 
Would you rock these in any other color? I would! 
Se pondrian estos en otro color? Yo si! 
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Have a wonderful day! 

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