April 16, 2013

Orangey florals & Fashion's Night Out cancellation

I think I was looking at a squirrel. lol 
 I was asked why (like most bloggers) I don't write where I buy what I'm wearing or where it's from in my outfit posts. Well, I do, sometimes actually - when I remember! Because the thing is that I shop a lot in small boutiques which aren't really known per say. And they often carry private label merchandise so it makes no sense for me to put for example that I got these jeggings at "Rocki's Boutique" and the designer label is Vivien and you have no idea where Rocki's boutique is.You get what I'm saying? I do shop at mainstream stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Charlotte Russe, Steve Madden, Aldo, Mandee, and online retailers such as Lulu's, Asos, Nasty Gal, Love Culture, Karmaloop, Plndr.. etc.. but I often (if not MOST of the time) coordinate pieces from everywhere. So, if I don't write where each item in outfit post is from you can definitely email/tweet me if you would like to know. I will try my best to post it. This floral print jacket is  from H&M which I bought last summer.
I'm thinking of adding a new segment to my posts because I feel that sometimes the outfit posts can be a little boring. So at the end of each outfit post (not always though) I'm going to include an interesting fashion news story/article that I find worth reading and let my readers know about!. Let me know if this sounds like a good idea or if you have any other suggestions! 
In #Fashion News...
Fashion's Night Out is cancelled for 2013

I know I'm late but I just found out the heart breaking news! lol I'm so dramatic, let me stop.
For those of you who don't know, Fashion's Night Out first launched in 2009 in conjunction with fall Fashion Week as New York's economy was suffering and in effort to revive the spending habits of consumers. It was originally Anna Wintour's (Editor-in-Chief of Vogue) idea along with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). It quickly expanded to 500 cities across the country and 30 cities around the world. Basically, it was an event that was supposed to be about shopping - while enjoying a free glass of champagne and a DJ playing at your favorite store. “It turned into not being about fashion and not being about shopping,” said Eric Goldstein, who owns the Jean Shop in the Meatpacking District and SoHo. “Fashion’s Night Out will go on hiatus in order to enable retailers to channel their resources to other priorities,” a statement said. Some store owners and managers said they can live without “Fashion’s Night Out,” insisting it got too big too fast. Fashion expert Dawn Del Russo said the decision to cancel the event was “shocking,” but added it was the right call because something designed to help retailers was starting to hurt them. “Retailers don’t mind putting in a DJ, etc., if they are going to get a return,” Del Russo said. “They just weren't seeing that.” Some industry insiders suggest an alcohol-free reboot of “Fashions Night Out” to bring in buyers and turn away troublemakers. To be honest, I understand why they're cancelling it because this past year I was in Soho and there were way too many people on the streets and it was way too chaotic. People weren't actually shopping at all, they just went inside the stores for the freebies and to celebrity watch. Some got irritated and got into fights and arguments. It was annoying. I am sadden by it though because I remember getting out of class early (when I was at my second year at F.I.T) to go to Soho for Fashion's Night Out the first year it launched - when not many people knew about it. It was fun and enjoyable if you were into fashion. Fashion’s Night Out will still be held in select international cities, but not in the United States. What do you think about Fashion's Night Out being cancelled? Are you dissapointed? Let me know your thoughts.

Pray for Boston

Hope you all have a wonderful day - it's supposed to be 62 degrees! Yay!


  1. You are such a hotti! Love love the floral jacket and those sandals are super cute!

  2. HOT BOD ALERT! LOL! Love this look! That jacket is soooo cute!


  3. It' so great to find fellow FIT alumni;) and you look amazing!! those red pants are hot on you!! I think the articles are a great idea, so many people might not be in the know so much! xo


    1. Yes Tany it's def great finding fellow FIT graduates in the blogosphere!
      and thanks for your feedback

  4. Great outfit! Beautiful jacket!

    You want to follow each other in the GFC and Bloglovin?

    XoXo Elena,

  5. I love this outfit sweety! Your jacket is soo gorgeous!


  6. Hey, great post love :)

    Please check out my blog and perhaps we could follow each other?

    I've also got a great giveaway on the go where 3 winners will be chosen!


  7. I love this outfit... that floral blazer is to die for =)

  8. Loving your outfit! Great idea to add some fashion related news to each post!

  9. omeegee, I just did a post today on my crave for floral blazers and there you are wearing a fab floral outfit! love it hun! On FNO: I can see how it has gotten more of an event to see and be seen than shopping! Here in LA everyone was more about what they were wearing than shopping! I think it was a fun event and too bad it's cancelled, What will fashionistas come up with next! xx

  10. lovely!would you like to follow each other?
    flw me on gfc&bloglovin and tell about this!
    Be sure I’ll flw back)

  11. That jacket is amazeballz! An you are rocking those red pants! This whole outfit is insanely sublime. And the whole Fashion Night Out fiasco is a disaster. I was super sad when I heard.


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