February 28, 2013

Chantilly Lace & Cobalt Blue

This outfit I wore in a recent trip to my mother land Dominican Republic. If you've never been there, trust me, you need to go! Just a side note - I cut my own bangs for the first time lol. They're longer now though, no worries. Anyways, I have a thing for skin tight, high waist pencil skirts, I think I own this specific style in 4 colors. There are so many ways you can wear them. The chantilly lace top I bought at a boutique called Le Chateu. Like most of us ladies, I shop a lot in recognized stores but lately I've been shopping in boutiques a lot more. I just love the exclusivity, quite honestly. In my posts you're going to notice that I accessorize a lot. It's part of my style. The jewelry I'm wearing is from my online boutique, be sure to check it out --> www.CheriTrendy.com. All the jewelry and accessories are $25.00 and under! 

Enjoy your Thursday!
xo, Cheri. 

February 25, 2013

Gold y Negro

It's funny how a few years ago I was the type of girl that wasn't a huge fan of black (probably the most colorful person ever) and wouldn't wear it much but as I'm approaching almost a quarter of a century old (bday this saturday coming up!)  I'm starting to like how classy and chic black looks. 

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February 22, 2013

Mix it up

Can you notice one of my cheeks bigger than the other!? I had just gotten my wisdom tooth removed 2 days before this picture. I don't even want to remember the pain I went through! I mean, phew*. 

Every girl should have a white blazer in their closet, said Cherina. :)

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It's Camo Time !


I've made this camo & leather sleeves jacket a staple item in my closet.
 I love how versatile it is and that you can pair it up down.

February 21, 2013

NYFW Fall 13' Rebecca Minkoff


From most if not all of the collections from this past New York Fashion Week one that stood out to me the most (surprisingly actually) was Rebecca Minkoff's collection. My style is a lot more of the "feminine" but the boyish and dress down stylish look from these looks caught my eye! The outerwear was obviously the main focus while hints of warm tone colors such as forest green were incorporated. I just wish I can find that long beige leather trench coat at a much lower price point! I'll pray to the fashion gods to grant me that wish. 


I've always believed that in life you need to have dreams. As "impossible" to achieve you think they might be, you need to have dreams. Think about it, something in your life makes you stand up from that bed every single morning and give you some sort of motivation. I always like to set goals for myself. Always telling myself to be better, become better, do better. 

Enjoy your day, lovelies. 
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